Pagoda Box V2 available for production!

V1 End-of-Life Feb 18 - Mar 31
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Database Components

Database Components are exactly what they sound like - databases. Pagoda Box manages scaling, migration and db replication from an intuitive push button dashboard.


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10 MB RAM Always Free

>10 MB Billed Hourly

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10MB - 500MB RAM -OR-

1-16GB RAM, 1-16CPU Cores

Secure Network Tunnels Connect You and Your Web Instances to Your DB

Web instances access a database through an internal private network. You can connect remotely from your desktop and manage your database(s) through the Pagoda Tunnel. In either case, connections require user, application, and database validation.


We launch a bigger DB, migrate data and establish connections live, without downtime.


A New DB is Built in Parallel to Your Current Database

While your current database handles all database requests, a new database is provisioned in the background.


Data is Backed-Up and Copied

A backup of your running database is created and copied to your new database. That backup is stored in writable storage and can be restored from your app dashboard in case of emergencies.


New Database Syncs with the Old

Master-slave replication syncs data, then switches to master-master replication. This makes sure your new database is completely up to date before it takes over.


New Instances Are Deployed and Connected to your New Database

Web instances pointing to new the database are deployed. Once the Instances are verified as working, traffic is rerouted, and the old infrastructure is decommmisioned.


Using Databases

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