Pagoda Box V2 available for production!

V1 End-of-Life Feb 18 - Mar 31
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Web Components

Web Components are the entry point for any application. Each Web Component consists of 1 or more "web instances". Each is an individual web process powered by your application code, run side-by-side to handle a share of the traffic load.

Manage Web Scaling or Deploys Simply

Auto-deploy to web servers using git 'pagoda push', or update via SFTP and deploy from the dashboard. Once your code is loaded, scale up or down anytime using a dashboard slider.


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200 MB RAM Always Free

>200 MB Billed Hourly

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1 -25+ Instances

200 MB - 1GB RAM each

Web Instances Distributed Across a Network Cluster

Web instances within a single web component are distributed across multiple servers, adding hardware failover to your app. As instances are added to your web component, they are purposely deployed on separate physical servers.


We totally rebuild your web infrastructure with every scale or deploy, without down time.


Code is Prepped for Deployment

Pagoda Box clones your code repo into a write-access container identical to your live app instances. With write access we are able to:


Code is Packaged and Deployed

Your prepped source code is assembled in a read-only package and deployed to new instances. Updated instances are deployed in parallel to your current instances, with access to your live database and shared writable directories. They do not yet accept traffic. At this point we:


New Instances Start Handling Traffic and Old Instances are Decommissioned

When new instances are verified operational, incoming connections are rerouted. Once connections drain, old instances are decommissioned. We also:


Using Web Instances

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