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Scaling Magento on Pagoda Box (3:04 min)

This video demo walks through scaling a Magento app, without configuration or downtime. It covers scaling web instances, but scaling and databases and caches are just as simple.

Scaling PHP applications with a slider

Scalable PHP hosting from Pagoda Box makes it simple to increase the size of your application: just click and drag the slider. Each Pagoda Box app automatically starts as a free instance. Scaling adds paid instances to your app, automatically distributing them on the cloud. Your 1st paid instance adds redundant failover to your PHP app.

Increasing the number of instances is generally the best way to scale elastic PHP applications. On Pagoda Box, each instance is an isolated Unix environment running a custom php executable. Scale php sites by distributing additional instances across multiple servers. Each additional instance adds capacity to serve additional requests per second, as traffic increases.

Pagoda Box also provides vertical scalability. While increasing the size of each instance is generally the least efficient way to scale php apps on the cloud, it is essential to quickly process more intensive requests. Web sites with heavy requests (like Magento) will benefit from scaling php both vertically and horizontally.

Databases are also scalable thanks to sliders. Allocate additional RAM and CPU by dragging sliders to the desired amount. Pagoda Box launches the new database in seconds, then imports and syncs data from the previous location. Once data is synchronized, connections to the old location are routed to the new, larger database.

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